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Seminary Hill, Alexandria, VA

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About Seminary Hill. Seminary Hill is one of the biggest neighborhood’s in Alexandria. There are a lot of schools in Seminary Hill, either you have a kid who is in preschool, elementary school, high school, or college its all in Seminary Hill. There are plenty of things to do in Seminary Hill. You have many parks and malls to go to. There is also a great hospital right in the center of Seminary Hill, called Inova Alexandria Hospital, located at 4320 Seminary Rd, Alexandria, VA 22304, History of Seminary Hill Built in 1823, Seminary Hill was known for its churches, […]

Taylor Run, Alexandria, VA

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About Taylor Run. Taylor Run is a great place for kids, it has a high school, preschool, and elementary school. 35% of people living there are families with children. Taylor Run is also ranked the #1 place to live in Alexandria with the best neighborhoods and people, an A+ overall grade for the city, and almost 100% in other categories. Places to go in Taylor Run. Taylor Run has many places to go to like churches and family-friendly spots, but my personal favorite is the Alexandria City Football Field and Running Track. The Alexandria City Football Field and Running Track, […]

Dumfries, VA

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About Dumfries, VA. Dumfries is a small town with 5,687 people. Named the “Top Spot North” and “Happy at Home” because of its nice people and things to do. Dumfries is famous for its connection with Scotland’s National Bard Robert Burns, which is a national poet from Scotland he wrote lyrics and songs in Scots and English. He was famous for what he did. Dumfries Animal Hospital. Located at 17552 Main St, Dumfries, VA 22026, this animal hospital is the only one near Dumfries. Not only is it the only one near Dumfries but its the best, people love their […]

Penrose, Springfield, VA

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Things to do in Penrose. Penrose Park is a great big place to bring your kids with you or just to jog around. There is a basketball court and a playground. Its a pretty big place to hang around, and aside from the playground and basketball court everything else is pure nature, Penrose Park is located at 2200 6th St S, Arlington, VA 22204. Penrose Demographics Penrose demographics have 51% female and 49%, male. For age 10 or younger is 9%, 10-17 3%, 18-24 5%, and 25-34 is 36%. There are 48% White, 27% Hispanic, 13% African American, and 9% […]

Williamsburg, Arlington, VA

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The history of Williamsburg. Williamsburg was first names the Middle Plantation, it was named because of its location, it was between the York and James rivers. The Middle Plantation was unofficially established in 1632 and later became Williamsburg in 1699. Around 1693 Williamsburg was having a new construction called the Bruton Parish Church. In Williamsburg was growing tobacco and many other products that’s where it got its name of Middle “Plantation”. Places To Go If you like baseball or your kid likes to play you can go to Nottingham Baseball Field 2, it’s a cool place to either hang out […]

Arlington, VA

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Arlington is an amazing place to live, it has many trees and the building looks beautiful to the eye. There are many great places to visit one of which is the Air Force Memorial, it’s an amazing place just to visit if you live near it or have someone in your family who served or served in the Air Force. The scenery is amazing and you can see D.C from it. The History of Arlington Arlington became more famous by George Washington’s adopted grandson, the cemetery was made in loving memory of the first president. The son of George Washington’s […]

Rosemont, Alexandria, VA

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Rosemont’s history. It all started during the 1830’s, a small town no one knew about. Until a unknown widowed woman was raising her child all alone, the kid became a pilot and was working for the Chicago airlines, something went wrong on the plane but he fixed it and became a hero. He got a medal and was praised, he talked about where he was from and who raised him, he was unknown until that day. His hometown grew larger and larger until it became a city. He later passed away and people forgot about him. Places To Go Impact […]

North Ridge, Alexandria, VA

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The history of North Ridge, VA. North Ridge has many historical houses but Arnold Zimbro’s house seems to be very interesting. This house was made by Arnold Zimbro, the house was believed to be used as a part of a hospital during the civil war. The house is closed today but you can still see it at 506 North Overlook Drive. There are plenty of theory’s on this house and how it was used, but based on the clues found deep inside the house most people still believe it was used as a hospital. Places To Go North Ridge has […]

Landmark Alexandria, VA

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Landmark is a great place to be, most things you need are right there for you. Everything else is a short 5-minute drive from you. In the center of Landmark are some famous fast food places, restaurants, Petco, and Mr. Wash car wash. There are plenty of supermarkets (Safeway, CVS) for you to get all the groceries you need. Right outside Landmark is the George Washington Masonic National Memorial located at Park Rd, Alexandria, VA 22314, where you can learn all about the first president. Ornate hall and observation deck to oversee the Potomac river. The admission fee is $18 […]

Annandale, VA

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Annandale is actually known as one of the best places to live in Springfield Virginia. Inova Fairfax hospital is a great hospital and is located in Annandale, the hospital has 923 beds for sick or injured people and was founded in 1961. A lot of people consider that having a hospital in your city or really close to you is great, if by any chance anything happens you don’t have to drive an hour to a hospital. Another reason Annandale is one of the best places in Virginia is because of schools. Out of 17,843 schools all of Virginia, an […]
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Directions: If you're coming from Washington, DC take the 14th St NW to I-395 S exit. Continue on I-395 S to Springfield. Take exit 1B. Continue on VA-644 W/Old Keene Mill Rd to your destination in West Springfield.
Directions: If you're coming from Manassas, VA. Drive from VA-612 and VA-645 to West Springfield. Head south on Grant Ave toward Center St, turn left onto Wellington Rd, continue onto VA-294 E, use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto VA-612, turn right onto Maple Branch Rd, Turn right onto VA-645, turn right onto Burke Rd, turn right onto VA-638/Rolling Rd, turn right at Grigsby Dr, turn left.